La fiesta de los reyes

Did Father Christmas come your way the other week? I hope so. 

But this year we’ve come to try to spot another team bearing gifts. We’re in Barcelona, where tonight children are waiting eagerly for their Christmas presents from – the Three Kings.

It was at Epiphany that the Magi visited the infant Christ, and at Epiphany that they continue the tradition by bringing gifts to all Spanish and Hispanic children.

We’ve already spotted them. Here they are, slowly winding their way through the crowded streets of Barcelona with their accompanying queens, elves, African drummers and jungle creatures. My phone hasn’t made a good job of recording their visit. I hope my camera will have done better.


7 thoughts on “La fiesta de los reyes”

  1. well they may not be perfect photos but they absolutely capture the atmosphere – I can just hear those drums, and are there some trumpets too? Also, isn’t there something about swallowing 12 grapes whole, one at a time? Or maybe that’s new year, one for each stroke of the midnight clock. Have fun (and maybe more presents…!)

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  2. What a lovely tradition! Thank-you for the photos – I know how difficult it is to photograph these processions and you have captured the crowds, the movement, the colours and the spectacle. Wonderful!

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