Snapshot Saturday: One walk, one footpath, one – no eight – skies

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It was the summer solstice this week.  It was also, for three days only in the north of England, summer.

So let me whisk you back eighteen months, to a crisp and clear January day when I took myself off to walk for a couple of hours or so, looking upwards rather than at my surroundings.  Skyscape succeeded skyscape. These changing skies perfectly illustrate this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: transient.

18 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: One walk, one footpath, one – no eight – skies

  1. Well, to be fair, I’m guilty of a little dramatic license. Just now, for instance, the forecast said it would be raining. Instead …. we have sunshine.


  2. great interpretation – seasons are transient – especially that far north. I am ten degrees or so further south and it’s a bit cool this morning 19C, but the sun is shiningg and the birds are singing. It’s gonna be a great day.

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  3. Yes, the seasons are transient, aren’t they? And my photos are so obviously of winter skies. Despite the promise of rain, which didn’t materialise, we now have summer-only white puffs of cumulus up in the sky. Enjoy those singing birds!


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