Snapshot Saturday: Earth Day in Colsterdale

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The Earth.  It’s tempting, for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, to choose lush woodland, productive farmland, dramatic peaks, crashing ocean breakers, or a charming cottage garden crammed with colourful flowers, and on Earth Day, show it at its striking best.

The welcome committee greets us on the path to Ellingstring.

Instead, I want to take you to Colsterdale in Yorkshire.  The soil is thin, acid, peaty. Bitter winds scythe across the hilltops, bending to their will those hardy trees that make it to maturity.  Brackish ditches lurk below the juncus grass to catch out the unwary hiker. The hills, though beautiful, can look barren, apart from the heather which blushes an extravagant purple every August.

But Earth is clever.  This unpromising countryside nurtures thousands of sheep and lambs.  Curlews, plover and geese wheel through the sky.  Songbirds spring from the heather.  There is so much hidden wildlife that much of the area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Today is Earth Day 2017.  I’ve chosen to celebrate the hidden dale so close to where we live.  Follow the WordPress Photo Challenge link to see what others have chosen.

23 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: Earth Day in Colsterdale

  1. Good choice, Margaret! Your photos are excellent and I was interested in the Yorkshire Water link describing a number of innovative projects going on to improve the area. I love the curlew’s call!

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  2. Good choice as your pictures show a harmonic interaction between human activity and the landscape. The photos are also a reminder of how little of England may at first glance look pretty wild, but is also partly the product of centuries of human activity.

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  3. In this part of the world, man and sheep have teamed up to modify the landscape: sheep by nibbling all greenery down to the quick, man by keeping them in place by drystone walling. And for many, flooded valleys are the increasing consequence. What next I wonder?


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