Snapshot Saturday: a heartfelt wish

This week’s WordPress photo assignment challenges us to share a wish.

Seokbul-Sa Temple, near Busan

I have chosen an image of the cheerfully optimistic and colourful prayer lanterns we saw so often suspended from the ceilings in the Buddhist temples of South Korea to illustrate our family’s wish, which will come as no surprise at all to regular readers of this blog.

We’d like my daughter Elinor, aka ‘Fanny, the Champion of the World‘, to be cancer-free by the time her twin boys become twelve.  Then they, and we can truly celebrate their birthday, shadowed since they were eight by the cancer firstly of their father, then of their mother. It’s chemo-time at the moment.  Not much fun, but all in a good cause.

It’s everything to ask.  But surely neither greedy nor unreasonable.



44 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: a heartfelt wish”

  1. Margaret, I think of you and your family often. Life goes on while each of you fights your own battle with current circumstances and I admire you hugely. I’m joining in spirit and soul with your heartfelt wish. All good wishes to you, your daughter, and your family. x

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  2. Lovely photo and very fitting with your words in this post. Best of luck your daughter Elinor and her treatment. She and her family sound strong and my best wishes to them all. Life comes with challenges but there is always a better time around the corner 🙂


  3. A beautiful image capturing hopefulness. I also join in your heartfelt wish for Elinor. The love that so clearly surrounds her will help strengthen her steadfastness as she continues with her chemo treatment. Sending love from afar.

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  4. Heartfelt wishes to you and your family Margaret. I am a firm believer that the combined energies of those who send love your way increases the impact of their wishes. Keep those thoughts and prayers front and center.


  5. Sending all good wishes for a speedy recovery…as I type this from my daughter’s hospital room…week 4…working for answers and prayers too… 🙂

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  6. I just decided to follow you – and this was the comment which made me to….
    It’s a good time to pray for your daughter and her family —–> may they have abundant good news and a beautiful, healthy life from now on!!!! Kindest greetings to the North and all of you

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    1. Thanks so much. Another dose of chemo today, so another step towards being cancer-free. I tried to have a glance at your blog, but I see it’s private. So now I’m curious of course1


      1. It’s not a blog I have; I ‘only’ joined wordpress because many of my well-liked correspondents are included in wp – I only upload very occasionally on my flickr account. Sadly that’s quite a ‘sleeping beauty’ as my eyesight is so bad that I only can spend ‘so much time’ on my computer where I would do the uploads. On Hero Husband’s iPad I am able to comment and it doesn’t hurt my eyes… If you wish to or are kind enough to look it up, it is
        Good luck and God’s blessings for your daughter and her family. And of course, for you as parents too; THESE are real problems not our small worries. When I hear about health problems of that magnitude, I feel very blessed and spared with my own….
        Love from France, Kiki

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      2. Well, if your sight is poor, you have a wonderful ‘eye’ for photos. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen, and will follow you with anticipation. Thank you for your kind words and good wishes.

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