The cat café

From the sublime to the ridiculous. After the temple …. tea break time. Back in town, Emily took us to a …. cat café. We thought it was a Korean thing, but it turns out there’s even one in Manchester. And New York. And Barcelona.

You order your drinks. You sit down. And there are some fifteen or so cats, playing, slumbering, climbing on shelves, cat climbing frames, boxes….

It’s quite relaxing and fun. Emily says there are dog cafés too. But as you’d expect, they’re really rather smelly.

17 thoughts on “The cat café”

  1. Amazing! I would love to spend time in one of these. It would be much easier than having my own cat; I love him, sure, but what with vomit, fleas, finicky eating, and so on, I do wonder sometimes if he’s more trouble than he’s worth!


  2. Not for me Margaret, I’m allergic to cats, but I’m sure my grandchildren would love it x
    Hoping to hear you on the radio soon with Claire Balding and Daphne. We’re off to Spain mid October so hope we don’t miss it.


  3. There are now two in Paris and you have to reserve in advance to take tea or coffee there they are so popular! They call it ‘ronron therapie’ ronronnement an impossible word to pronounce, the French version of purring! 🙂 In Japan they have snake cafes too, possibly in Korea too, high density city’s love them.


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