A stroll, a garden at Old Sleningford, a sunny day……

… at last.  I wrote about the Open Gardens day at Old Sleningford this time last year.  But if an open day’s worth visiting twice, it’s worth blogging about twice too.

Let’s just have a picture story this time.  It was an utterly gorgeous, sunny and hot day, and about time too.  I chose to walk there, Malcolm favoured his bike.  Here’s the walk, here’s the garden.  And as last year, I neglected to take pictures of the tea and cakes.  Next year?

The walk to Sleningford. Shadows on the road.
The walk to Old Sleningford. Shadows on the road.


Still on the road to Sleningford.
Still on the road to Old Sleningford.


Nearly there.
Nearly there….

And finally …. there.

This pig is called Dennis Healey. Hands up if you understand the allusion.
This pig is called Dennis Healey. Hands up if you understand the allusion.

And here, as last year, are a few shots of the edible forest garden.


And finally …. Old Sleningford Hall

OpenGardensJune2015 061



31 thoughts on “A stroll, a garden at Old Sleningford, a sunny day……”

  1. This looks like a lovely place to spend a few hours. I am so pleased the weather brightened up for you at last. The iris look beautiful and I liked Dennis Healey too.


    1. Hey! If only I’d offered a prize, you’d have won. Still, the honour and glory is all that matters, don’t you think? When we meet, we’ll have tea and cake – on me 😉


  2. Looks lovely and scary: ours + 9 others in Battle opens for the local hospice at the end of the month. Just back from 10 glorious days in A-V including 2 in Aix-en-Provence. It was very welcome R&R following the sudden death of my father at the beginning of May. Now it’s noses to the grindstone-garden & referendum.


    1. I’m so sorry about your father – does this make you the senior in the family now? If so, always a tricky moment I think. Really peturbed about the refererendum: it’s been such a nasty campaign, and the wrong result (from our perspective) seems to be becoming ever more likely.


      1. Thank you. No, I am an only child but there are others in the family, uncles etc who are still with us. As for the referendum we’re campaigning hard but live in a very Euro sceptic part of the Country. I think the Remain campaign has been very poorly organised and got itself completely on the back foot instead of setting the agenda. The real problem is that the faults with the EU, and nobody is claiming it’s perfect, are visible for all to see but what happens if we leave will always be speculation and open to interpretation.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Quite. Interesting that E Sussex is for Brexit. Went to a concert today where the group behind us were opining that only London and the Home Counties (‘the rich’) wanted to remain, as Yorkshire folk and others were too sensible. Grrr. So disappointed by the campaign, though I have no room to complain as I didn’t get actively involved. Good luck with doorstepping!


  3. The gardens are beautiful – and I can just picture lawn parties on the grounds of Old Sleningford Hall. Yes, I read and watch too much Jane Austin!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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