A midsummer garden

I’ve got some good news to share.  But I plan to do so in another couple of days…. you’ll see why.

So today I’ve decided to follow American blogging friend Clay’s suggestion, and share a few pictures of an English garden in midsummer.

We are lucky.  We rent a property attached to a large house. Surrounding this house is a large garden, which we’re encouraged to enjoy.

Here you are.  Enjoy it with us.

13 thoughts on “A midsummer garden”

  1. You tease! Our garden looked quite good a week ago but now it’s a shrivelled wreck! But it’s not a walled garden like yours – still jealous!


  2. How come English gardens always look so much better and more settled than American gardens? I wish foxgloves flourished here the way they do in the UK–I love them! It’s all beautiful!


  3. What a beautiful garden to enjoy – I am sure you can enjoy an evening stroll, an afternoon reading a book or writing a letter. Lovely. Have a wonderful week.


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