Bored now………

There are quite a lot of life-changing illnesses that I’m glad not to have personal experience of.  And in the great scheme of things, ‘flu isn’t a big deal.  But in our own little world, it has assumed a far too important place.

Here we are, more than one week on, and for both of us, day-to-day life is defined by what we can’t do, rather than by what we can.  No energy to eat, which is as well, as we have no energy to cook (‘cooking’ in this context, means boiling an egg).  No energy to get out and enjoy the frosty sunshine.  No energy to keep the house tidy.  Not even the energy to read anything but the most appreciated old favourites (thank you, Donna Leon, for reliably transporting me this week to the sights, sounds, smells and flavours of Commissario Brunetti’s beloved Venice).

We’ve both got what it takes to cough, loudly and constantly: we bark our way through morning, afternoon and evening, finally shutting up when sleep overtakes us.  Talking makes it worse: not that we have much to say after our long-enforced house arrest.  Maybe later I should find the energy to throw away all the uneaten Christmas treats that we didn’t have the foresight to freeze once the ‘flu took its stranglehold on everyday life.

Maybe later today I could resume my Spanish studies.  I’ve been learning on-line the last few weeks, though much good it did me when Miquel came to stay: well, how useful is this?  ‘Las tazas son feas’ (the cups are ugly):  ‘La niña duerme cerca del gato’ (the girl sleeps near the cat).  It wasn’t the stuff of fascinating conversational gambits.

Bits of gossip reach us from the world beyond our front door.  That other friends had equally ‘flu-blighted Christmasses.  That local seasonal gatherings saw the guest list diminish, thanks to ‘flu,  from 20 friends or so to merely 7.  That even households in far-flung Birmingham and Norfolk have not escaped.  That even America is in the grip of The Epidemic.

So we can continue to feel sorry for ourselves, secure in the knowledge that at least we’re not alone.

Some fellow-survivors called by yesterday, and left us some of these. They haven't kicked in yet.
Some fellow-survivors called by yesterday, and left us some of these. They haven’t kicked in yet.

Oh, and by the way.  Happy New Year, dear readers.

20 thoughts on “Bored now………”

  1. Ugh I had the flu in October. It absolutely wrecked my lungs up. The coughing was only bad for a week or so, then my lungs got inflamed. 6 doctors appointments, 10 prescriptions, an xray and 6 weeks later I’m just starting to feel back to normal.


    1. Noooo. That sounds awful. You poor thing. Glad you’re finally on the mend. I’m beginning to think we too may have secondary infections. Doctor tomorrow, maybe…….


  2. Margaret, I’m back home now and we’re shopping tomorrow morning; Let me know if you have a ‘list’, or I could make you some soup/dinner and drop it round? Just say the word!
    Saturday and/or Sunday newspapers?
    I do think feeling ‘bored’ is a positive one when recovering from something nasty. Normally means you’re on your way back to the Land of the Living.


    1. That’s so kind, Penny. Room service definitely not required as we still can’t face much food. But I may ring you if you’re going ‘down the shops, and weekend papers do sound interesting. Thank you!


  3. ………..Commissario Brunetti will be of great psychological help, experience… – sending kind wishes for a happy, healthy, peaceful pink dotted 2015 – only the very best, anna xx


  4. Our sympathies to both of you I understand that ‘flu is horrid. At least you’re taking (limited) interest and blogging. It’s always good to hear news from the North Riding. Hopefully things will only get better in 2015.


  5. Oh, Margaret–I’ve had the flu and I think it IS a big deal when you have it! You both must feel awful. Do go to the doctor and see if s/he can help you avoid this turning into something worse!


    1. Just come back from the doctor. She must have been – oh, easily 15 years old. She says it’s all normal, even the fog-horn cough, and just to stick it out. On the way up now, I think……


      1. I laughed out loud when you said the doctor was 15–we are always commenting on how young our doctors are! See? Even when you’re sick, you can make me smile!


      2. In England, the first commonly acknowledged sign of old age is finding policemen to be young. I’m well into my dotage now that doctors are as well.


  6. Oh! I feel sorry while readind you’re both fighting against flu! But I’m sure the days passing you’ll feel better and better! Hurry up! Your blog sounds now more optimistic than the other last week! Keep quiet and warm and you’ll find again all your energy! With all my sympathy to you both! xxx Noëlle


  7. Feel better soon – it has taken me two weeks to finally be over it and now my daughter is sick with it. I do agree being bored is a healthy sign you are on the mend. God bless and get wishes are being sent from across the pond!


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