One of the views from our walk last Thursday. In the distance, the ruined castle of Lagarde. In the far distance, the Pyrenees.

2 thoughts on “P1110568”

  1. What a fantastic photo, It looks as though the mountains are floating.
    I must admit I never tire of looking at the Pyrenees, from any angle (preferably close up). Even though we haven’t completely made it our home, as you did I still miss the views when I’m not there.
    I will miss your blog from the Ariege, but at least I won’t feel homesick for Laroque every time I read it.
    I hope you are able to return often to visit old friends and we look forward to meeting up with you there from time to time (or indeed in Yorkshire / Nottinghamshire).
    Good luck with the new life, and thank you so much for the help, advice, food and friendship.
    Kevin, Liz, Lydia.


  2. It was a great day when I took that photo. An easy enough walk from Moulin Neuf, to Treziers, to Caudeval and Cazal de Bayle and back to Moulin Neuf. I’ll miss the Pyrenees something rotten. We shan’t manage if we can’t come back, and often. Thanks so much for your offer, which we shall be taking up!


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