Malcolm and the Microlight

Malcolm and the Microlight

..celebrating in style for a 70th birthday

Starring Malcolm and Jacques.

Director: Henri

Producer: Margaret

Assistant Producers: Léonce & Brigitte

Script: Malcolm

Wardrobe: Jacques

Shot on location in the Ariège by Jacques, Malcolm & Margaret.

A Lawrenson-Hamilton-Clift Production MMX

‘Curiously, I had no feelings of fear or apprehension, perhaps because of what our friends had told us about Jacques, the pilot, and his machine – it’s his pride and joy, and he takes great care of it.

There was a sharp feeling of exposure after take-off – we were not in a cabin, there was no protection from wind, we were just vulnerable beings in a powered shell under a giant wing – it reminded me of riding pillion on a motorbike, but this was in the air.

The various destinations came up quickly – not like travelling on the ground, even though our speed was only about 80-85 kph.

Over the mountain peaks, it was very cold – temperature had fallen from 13 or so on take-off to minus 1 over the snowfields and the flat white surfaces of isolated frozen lakes were still clearly to be seen.  And suddenly, directly underneath, a herd of Pyrenean chamois, running and leaping, disturbed by the engine’s sudden sound in their snow-quiet world

A few minutes more and we were at 2600 metres, when the mountains seemed so empty and cold, even in the lovely morning sunlight.   We could see long distances in the clear air at this altitude – 200 km away, we could see the Pic du Midi

The warmth after we left the mountains behind and lost altitude was welcome, and I could concentrate on the views of walks we had previously done, and which had sometimes seemed long and meandering, but were now clearly visible with their beginnings and ends.

Then back to the field and the short grass runway.  As we flew over, I could see Margaret far below, waving.  Then it was down, very smoothly, and a turn, and back to rest.  What an experience!  And how kind of my family to make this possible.’

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8 thoughts on “Malcolm and the Microlight”

  1. Hats off. The most adventurous flight I’ve taken was in a 20-seater on a very windy day from Scottsdale up to the Grand Canyon and over the rim. I really want to take a small plane ride around my current home as well. Not sure if I have the nerve for open cabin ultralight flight.


    1. That was quick! Your comment I mean. Watching all the flight preparations and so on, I really thought I could do it, and yet I’m hopeless at heights, and you’d have to push me out of the aircraft to induce me to make use of a parachute. Malcolm assures me it’s NOT scarey, and he certainly got to see and experience the landscape. Cold hands was the worst of it.


  2. vraiment beau notre pays vu du ciel. Malcolm y retournera-t-il? J’ai eu l’occasion de voir une photo prise au-dessus du Plantaurel:Le Peyrat, Labastide, l’Aiguillon, Bélesta: c’est étonnant.


  3. You lucky man! What a fantastic experience. The nearest I’ve come to similar was a hot air baloon over West Sussex; delightful but not quite the same.


    1. Ooh, I don’t know. Sussex is pretty good, I think. But….well, you’re right. It’s not the Pyrenees, so if you ever get the chance here, take it. It’s cheaper than a hot air balloon ride!


  4. Oi Tueur de Laitue – how wonderful to read this and what a super site too! You brave person and what a brilliant way to celebrate the birthday – can it be 40 years ago you were moaning at school about being 30!! Amazing…anyway you look very well and bien content so that is wonderful for you both – life looks enviable and it would be great to see you over there at some point. Love the photos too – are you intending to have another go at the microflight?

    Best wishes from all the little Benthams and Mummy Bentham

    Yola x


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